Annular Solar Eclipse 2003
Here in Moray, we were lucky enough to be in an excellent position to view the 2003 annular eclipse on 31st May, although we were expected to be restricted to an annular phase of less than a minute.

SIGMA chose to view the eclipse from the pictish fort site at Burghead where we were joined by a number of local families and astronomers who had travelled especially for the occasion from Tayside, Shrewsbury, Banbury and Litchfield.

An overnight south-east wind meant that the haar in the Firth had been blown across to the Sutherland and Caithness coast but a low bank of cloud off shore meant that we were unable to see the annular phase.

However, a thin cerise sickle appeared out of the cloud about a minute after the end of annularity, so faint that nothing could be seen through our special filters but enough to provide a stunning sight with the naked eye.

All photographs are with the kind permission of SIGMA members, including Helen Williamson, Ian Brantingham, Richard Pearce, Bob Roseweir, Karen Cox and Bill Leslie.
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