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No Republiklan Party

What does the phrase "I Want My America Back' mean to you? When someone shouts that phrase, what 'America' are they talking about? And, when?


Are they talking about during the 80's when minorities disproportionately started to fill this country's prisons? Are they talking about during the civil rights movement and bus boycott of the 60's? Maybe they're talking about the time before women could vote? Or maybe they're referring even further back. Maybe they're talking about how good it was before the civil war - back in the 'Birth of a Nation Days' ?


Honestly, I cringe when I hear this statement. It seems to come from the Right-wing / Libertarian fringe of the country. Folks that talk about states rights and secession. Unlike the administration we can call them out for what they are.


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Taken on September 16, 2009