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Evolution of Dental Fillings | by loydbowlin
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Evolution of Dental Fillings

Dental filling is a restorative dentistry option which many people get at least once in their lifetimes. If you have got your teeth filled a few years ago, you may want to know that there are many other options available now. These may be the options you have been looking for at the time of your dental filling. Now, you can surely look at these options and ask for them at the dentist’s office the next time you get your teeth filled.


Having that said, it would be worth discussing how the dental fillings were, and how they are now.


Mercury fillings

These fillings involve squeezing a mold of metal alloy which is known as dental amalgam. This dental amalgam contains silver as the main element but it also contains mercury in almost equal amount. Having that said, mercury is the proven toxic material which can lead to several health issues. Although mercury in dental amalgam makes up the amount which can be considered insufficient to cause any health concerns, it is now considered as a factor which can lead to initiation of health issues.


Apart from the risks involved in the application of dental amalgam as dental filling, many dentists believe that there is a rare chance of mercury leaking into the general body system. Moreover, these fillings are found to be stronger than any other fillings.


Tooth colored composite

If you are concerned about the color of filling due to dental amalgam, you can ask for the tooth colored composite to be used as dental filling. These dental fillings are white and translucent, and these are apparently not different from natural teeth from the perspective of shape and color.


Another advantage of using these fillings is that you will not have to get your tooth prepared like a socket in order to adjust the filling material. Silica and plastic present in the tooth colored composite filling get hold of the rough texture inside the tooth’s area which needs to be filled.


Other materials used for filling

Gold and other metals are also used for the dental fillings. These shiny fillings are quite stronger and they can last for at least a decade. Apart from these fillings, there are porcelain and ceramic fillings which have the color and surface same as that of natural teeth. However, the ceramic fillings can be a bit abrasive. When you touch your tongue on the ceramic filling, you may feel something capable of distracting you due to abrasion. Typically, gold and porcelain fillings are more expensive as compared to other types of dental fillings.


While you can certainly decide about getting your teeth filled with the material of your choice, it is important to take dentist’s recommendation into consideration.


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Uploaded on July 16, 2018