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After nearly 1 month, my custom "Genkai Haretsu" hide Taeyang is complete! I'll call him GH XD


He was originally Taeyang William F-930 from 2008. The marks on his head is where I tested some pastels. Still need to sand them off.

I left his original eyebrows since they were so similar to HP's.


When I finished painting my Parabox Fairy, I swore to myself that was something I never wanted to do again... until now! I must say there is nothing quite like painting/making your own doll. For me, the process of making GH has been full of high and lows, ups and downs & mistakes. But, that's all part of learning. I've gone from wanting to scream my lungs out & also wanting pull every strand of hair out of my head, to a euphoric high, and then wanting to scream again. Still, the end result was worth all the stress.


Some things I've learned while working with Taeyang...


01. Patience, patience, patience!


02. If you need to remove stock paint from a Taeyang to start your custom, use 1000, 1500 or 2000 grit sandpaper. You can use it wet or dry. I liked to use mine wet; it seemed to work a better. Don't use Fingernail Polish Remover or anything with acetone. It can damage the plastic over time. I've read that some people say you can use it to remove stock paint as long as you limit the exposure to the plastic and wash it throughly after your done.


03. Dilute acrylic pait with water. It makes it easier to work with and it also makes it easier to correct mistakes. Just use a damp Q-tip. You can also use watercolour pencils, but personally, I found those harder to work with than acrylics.


04. Q-tips are your friends forever :D


05. If you make a mistake, don't fret. If a damp Q-tip isn't enough to remove it, just use some wet 2000 grit sandpaper.


06. Use pastels with even more patience! You can apply them with a paintbrush or a Qtip. Especially with chalk or soft pastels, it takes a while for the colours to really look vivid. Just brush it on slowly. When I did GH's eyeshadow, it took so long for the colour to get dark that I ended up doing it too much! [facepalm] Also, if your using Extra Soft PanPastels (which are AMAZING), the colour is much more rich, and it doesn't take as long for the colour to build up.


07. Kneaded erasers are lifesavers at removing pastels. Don't use a pencil eraser. I did once and it left an ugly smear behind. It also left behind a residue; you could feel a texture difference. It came off with 2000 grit sandpaper, though. Thank goodness!


08. Varnish or Sealant? That one threw me for a while, until I found out that Varnish goes on OVER the sealant. To seal Taeyang heads, you're not going to get away from having to use a spray sealant. Use ONLY Mr.Super Clear Matte, also known as MSC. Apply it to your head outside, and keep it out of the sun. I would also advise that you not use it in high humidities. I wouldn't use it when the humidity is over 65%. I don't know exactly how long it takes to dry, but mine was dry to the touch in about 20 minutes. Still, I would wait 24 hours or more before applying any varnish, just to be safe. As for the varnish, I only use Liquitex Professional brush on varnish. You can use the satin or gloss to add a shine to the lips, eyeliner, etc. The bottles are expensive, being $16.99 for an 8oz bottle (gag!). If you can, I recommend getting them at Michael's or Hobby Lobby and using their weekly "40% off" coupons. That's what I did :D


09. And lastly, if your working on your first time face-up, take breaks. I have a bad habit of working on something overtime, and then getting tired of the process. So, I have to remind myself to take breaks. Even if you don't work on it for a few days, don't worry about it and don't rush it. The face won't go anywhere. I kept GH's head in a zip-lock baggie on my desk to protect his face while I wasn't working on him.

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Uploaded on April 11, 2018