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Zoli - Le-Wahi Jungle Spider | by Pohaturon
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Zoli - Le-Wahi Jungle Spider

***Built for BBC Contest #76***


The Zoli is a diminutive but dangerous Rahi native to the darkest corners of the Le-Wahi jungle. Comfortable in the undergrowth, in dark caverns or among twisting roots where humidity is trapped, the Zoli relies on two defenses - its highly toxic venom, and its abdomen that resembles the head of a Bohrok. Generally scared of larger creatures, most times when an unfortunate Le-Matoran encounters such a spider, it is a result of mistaking it for a flower due to its colours. Some particularly courageous Matoran have taken to capturing and taming Zoli and keeping them as pets, much to Turaga Matau's chagrin.

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Taken on October 24, 2018