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DECODING WESTON PARK Slide6 | by arthur.strathearn
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Decoding St Andrew’s Church – Weston Park, Staffordshire, UK


The church contains effigies and memorials to two TEMPLAR Knights –Sir HAMO de WESTON (1137 to 1214) and Sir HUGH de WESTON (died 1304) – the origins of the naming of this large country estate in Staffordshire.


During the Crusades, the Knights Hospitallers and the Knights Templar became the most formidable military orders in the Holy Land. Frederick Barbarossa, the Holy Roman Emperor, pledged his protection to the Knights of St. John in a charter of privileges granted in 1185.




The surrounding church memorials contain any number of double-headed eagles – also a nod to ROME and the GREAT EMPIRE.


The TEMPLAR KNIGHTS – at the pinnacle of the hierARCHical structure of YORK RITE of Freemasonry.



The ‘KNIGHTS OF THE GARTER’ Coat of Arms in front of the Church Altar.


No less than NINE HOLY ROMAN EMPERORS were members of this ‘BRITISH’ Order of Knights?



•Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor 1368–1437KG #127 1415.


•Albert V, Duke of Austria 1397–1439 KG #153 1438.

Later Albert II, Holy Roman Emperor


•Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor 1415–1493 KG #176 1457.


•Maximilian, King of the Romans 1459–1520KG #239 1490.

Later Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor


•Charles, Infant of Spain, Archduke of Austria and Duke of Burgundy 1500–1558 Later Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor KG #264 1508.


•Ferdinand, Infant of Spain, Archduke of Austria 1503–1564

Later Ferdinand I, Holy Roman EmperorKG #279 1524.


•Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor 1527 to 1576KG #351 1568.


•Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor 1552–1612KG #363 1578.


•Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor 1768 – 1835KG #643 1814.



The ARCane knowledge brought back by the crusading TEMPLAR knights has been used to control the citizens of the United Kingdom ever since – a masonic lodge in EVERY town and city.


Memorial to Commander The Hon Richard Orlando Beaconsfield Bridgeman (1879 to 1917) who died in a seaplane accident over the Rufugi River in East Africa. Commander Brdgeman was the second son of the 4th EARL of BRADFORD.


The memorial is a nod to NOAH’s CONTRACT of the ARCH (The ARK of the COVENANT…) and includes the star signs ARGO NAVIS (the ship), COLUMBA (the dove), CANCER and PISCES.


(After the flood, GOD made a COVENANT with NOAH and all his descendants that never again would the human family be threatened with total annihilation by flood. The sign GOD gave NOAH to assure him of this COVENANT was the RAINBOW).


The ‘BRIDGE – MAN’ ancestry goes back along way and ‘DOVE-TAILS’ neatly with the overARCHing theme of Freemasonry.


The Bridgeman baronetcy, of Great Lever Park in the County of Lancaster, was created on 7 June 1660 for Orlando Bridgeman, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal.


The ceremonial purse used by Sir Orlando as Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, 1667–1672, is kept at Weston Park.



FREEMASONRY – the hierARCHical control structure operating in the shadows of British Society (and the World).



The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, also known as the Order of Solomon's Temple, the Knights Templar or simply the Templars, were a Catholic military order founded in 1119, headquartered on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem through 1128 when they went to meet with Pope Honorius II.







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