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Top Ten Tips for Moving | by kendrickwhitlow
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Top Ten Tips for Moving

For many, moving to a new residence can be stressful, time-consuming, and unorganized. However, it does not have to be. With the right plan and #mental attitude, you can be done with the entire ordeal efficiently and expediently. Read the list below for the top ten tips when moving to make your journey a little more bearable.


1. Be Innovative When Packing Your #Fragile Items: A little innovation can go a long way when it comes to preventing your kitchen plates or award plaque from being damaged. When packing your fragile items, place them in boxes with blankets, tissue, or anything else you can think of that is soft enough to inhibit outside forces from doing harm.


2. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items: Moving is a great time to get rid of those shoes you bought but seldom wear or that television that has not been touched in ages. Use this opportunity to clean your home, get rid of clutter, and sort want/needed items from unneeded ones. After you have finished, select a donation pickup a few days before the move to collect the unwanted items.


3. Place Your Absolute Necessities in a Clear Bin: Things you cannot do without – toiletries, bedding, and even that hair dryer you always use – should be packed inside a clear, easily accessible container during your move. For small, unbreakable items you can do without but would like to keep, you can use cheap moving boxes to lower costs (as long as they are properly labeled).


4. Do not Buy Unnecessary Grocery: At least a week before moving, do not buy any more groceries until after the move (unless needed). You do not want to purchase food only to have to put it in trash later. If you find you still have food left, certain items can be donated to food charities by through pickup or drop off.


5. Choose the Right Day to Move: This is one of the most obvious, yet overlooked, #moving tips. Pick a day and time (preferably in the morning) where there will be little traffic, weather intervention, and tasks for you to move. This means avoiding work/school traffic, holidays, and other busy times.


6. Keep Your Documents Handy: Do not pack your I.D.s or lease information with the rest of your items. When they are needed it will be a hassle looking through your stuff, and ultimately cause panic and delays.


7. Plan Your Route: Whether your move is across the street or across the state, plan your route and any stops that may be necessary (such as hotels, snacks, gas, etc.). In addition, having a GPS, especially when you are in unfamiliar territory, is a wise idea.


8. Label Your Boxes: Use a marker, product labeler, or whatever else can help you distinguish which box holds which item. This will make things easier to find after or during the process.


9. Empty and Defrost Your Fridge and Freezer: At least a day prior to your move, empty your fridge and #defrost your freezer to avoid moldy food and unnecessary energy bills.


10. Call Help in Advance: Whether you are getting friends and family to help with the move or hiring professionals, make sure to call a week or more in advance to ensure you have assistance.


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Uploaded on January 20, 2018