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Versailles The Royal Stables | by PokemonaDeChroma
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Versailles The Royal Stables

After LOVE post (for my dearest Sonia, and a short break from my serie), let's talk about....this picture.


When I took this, there was a couple who stood next to me. The lady, a filipino, she didn't stop to talk to her husband while she her self was doing click click click. (taking some pictures).


"Hun, can you see the woman with a long dress there? I'll take a picture of her!"

Click clickk click

"Hun, look at the couple next the door!" click click x 10 ( probably more than 10).

The husband was still busy to set his camera (on tripod). He didn't stop walking right to left, back and forth behind me.

"Hun, what subject do you want to take this time and what title?"


(Title, subject, hmmm...)


- I don't know yet.

"What about Versailles?"

- There are millions pictures of "Versailles" in google already.

"What about The Royal Stabble? or Throne Witnesses?"


- Darling, let me take some pictures first then we talk about title later, is that alright?

"Oh! I know!..."

- Darling....


At the same time, I knew that the man wanted my place. I have done my shooting so I moved a little on my right, closer to the wife. I couldn't hide my smile when she looked at me. She knew that I was listening their conversation.


"Hi, you must be a filipino!" she said to me with her beautiful smile.

Some introduction in FaQs then here it was...she started again with her famous questions, in different form (to me):

"Do you think that you will give a title on your picture?"

++ Sometimes, yes.

"Sometimes? Why?"

++ Because ... it depends on what I see, what I feel, what's in my mind...If I can't find a title then I will just put whatever.

"From your pictures, what are you seeing now?"


(...evil me...I was laughing inside already)


++ This one? ...The horse shits.


Suddenly the man laughed out loud to me....So I added;


"Hi, you must be Hun, I'm a guillotined but survived Marie-Antoinette."




A fun song, remembering all the royal coaches I've seen inside The Royal Stables.


Have a Fun-tastic weekend to everyone and HFF to those who celebarate it!


xxX Love


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Taken on August 1, 2017