The retaking of Eolas: A hollow victory

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The battle had gone terribly. The Drow had ambushed them and caught them unaware. They sliced through us like a hot knife through butter. Though they had smaller numbers the Drow fought savagely. Finally, after the first initial massacre, we at last gained a foot hold. Filled with a lust for revenge, the tides turned and we overwhelmed them. We had won. Although it was not with out loss. 2 out of 5 men had perished that day and many wives made widows and children fatherless. I felt anger rise within me. He would cleanse this entire island of drow before this the coming of summer and...
He was interrupted by a messenger, a scruffy looking fellow holding a small letter.
"yes?" I asked him.
" y-y-you are Lord Maestro?"
He obviously did not recognize me with out my usual beard, which I had shaved off as a sign of mourning. "I believe so, you have a message?"
"M'lord, the true heir to historica has returned, m'lord and he is calling all faithful to his banner. I know you may not believe me m'lord but its true, the sent me too y-"
"Enough" I cut off his babbling and turned to a passing guard "Tell my commanders to meet me in my pavilion immediately".
Cleansing Eolas can wait, It was time to join the king, and fight the real enemy.

Not at all really satisfied with this build. The rock work is meh, the layering is meh, and the fig posing is meh :/ The story is also meh as I kinda got carried away :P Oh well, what I lack now I will (try) make up for in my next big build. I won't post the next chapter on flickr as it is basically a depressing version of 'A heroes farewell' but check out the Goh page over the next week.
Hope you enjoy :)

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  1. Classical Bricks 19 months ago | reply

    Great build! I love the rocks and border!

  2. KevFett2011 19 months ago | reply

    really nice MOC. I like the "after battle " effect 😄

  3. Brick Rebel 19 months ago | reply

    What do you mean "meh"?! This is awesome! :O

  4. ~The Maestro 19 months ago | reply

    Classical Bricks
    Thanks :)
    Thanks man, I really tried to achieve that feelinig so glad you enjoyed
    Brick Rebel
    Ha, thanks, guess I just have unreasonable standards :P

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