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Exclusive Original Nude Spider-Man Poster from West Coast Midnight Run! Viva Marvel!!!! | by breezepublication
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Exclusive Original Nude Spider-Man Poster from West Coast Midnight Run! Viva Marvel!!!!

Awwww you really would like the original full size poster, dont you?!!!!




The publisher will not permit me to post the full size version, they only allowed me to post this smaller size photo. However you are all welcome to register as Members (Free for Life) and download over a dozen original and exclusive giant size Marvel-themed artwork plus many more sci-fi, cosplay, Halloween, action, super cars and super babes wallpaper.





This poster (along with a second Spider-Man poster are titled SPIDER-MAN HIGH ABOVE THE TAMES) is one from 14 new original and exclusive Spider-Man posters created for West Coast Midnight Run's editorial review of the Spider-Man Far Away from Home film from Marvel and to also celebrate the publisher's 400 pages Fashion Edition art book currently published and available for the public (membership accounts are FREE 4 LIFE - No catch, no strings).





Careful this one has double the nudity, one is in the form of a female playing with a big large animal at the public fountain in London.


If you want more amplification on the social issues being critiqued with this poster you need to view our publisher's LINKEDIN account for Mr. Frank Benetti at Citadel Consulting Group LLC. More laughs there I promise you.


Perhaps Smug Mug has a sense of humor or a sense for the Red Line – code words for Red Ink – in other words Senso-Red.


No problem we are happy to blur any nude body parts and it works great for the publisher, viewers that enjoy the nude form can only enjoy it at the publisher's website.


Flickr rolled over several months ago (deep into the Red Zone) and was bought by Smug Mug and while Flickr moderators were keen on blocking any photo that had hint of nudity a decade ago.


The practice continues going five years back where Flickr staff requires the member to designate a nude photo unsafe and use an adult filter to block it.


Should the unfortunate sap forget to do this, Flickr staff had the option of either blocking the entire account or summarily deleting the account - with no appeal or anything.


The funny part, hahahha, really is that the member would never realize their account was blocked or their photos were no longer “On The Grid” and on search results for other members of Flickr because when they logged in to their account all would look okey dokey, the only instance they would notice something is off, is if a friend invited them to logon via the friend's untampered account and they did a search on their own photos and then imagine their shock and surprise. How long were they blocked by the moderators who never sent a notification message? Ouch do you think your loyal members may start ditching Flickr? Smug Mug never once made amends and members who clutch to norms of logic and decency have no clue if this kind of moderator tactics persist.


And oh yeah artistic nudity (like the Vatican paintings or nude sculptures from the Huntington Library in California) on Flickr gets the same UNSAFE filter designation as raw porn, self-made porn and utter smut. Funny as ever, hahahha!

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Uploaded on June 27, 2019