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All The Facts And Benefits Regarding Corrugated Boxes | by florenciolatham
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All The Facts And Benefits Regarding Corrugated Boxes

Facts about Corrugated Boxes

The most commonly used box for #warehousing and shipping a large variety of products are corrugated boxes. This type of box is made using corrugated paperboard so they have more strength than the average cheap moving boxes. Corrugated boxes have been specifically designed to have the highest possible load bearing strength. This is because of the way the corrugated paperboard is rolled. The process makes the paperboard a wave like structure with a unique configuration. This is what gives corrugated boxes the strength required to effectively support heavy loads. The wavy sheets go through a process where they are glued between linerboards. Eventually they are assembled with the use of adhesives, pressure and heat until corrugated boxes have been formed. There are a lot of reasons many people prefer corrugated boxes over numerous different types of packaging solutions.


The Reasons Corrugated Boxes are Popular for #Packaging

Corrugated #boxes can withstand high load bearing because of the superiority in dimensional stability. They make the most out of any space because they can be easily stacked. These boxes provide exceptional cushioning so the packaged item will remain safe. Corrugated boxes can be recycled and reused making them a good choice for the environment. Business can have these boxes customized to fit their specific requirements. Corrugated boxes are also cost effective and help businesses save a little money.


The Different Types Of Corrugated Boxes

There are numerous parameters used in the classification of #corrugated boxes. This is dependent on the kind of corrugated board used for the boxes. There are three basic categories used to classify corrugated boxes. The first is the single walled corrugated box. This medium is fluted and then inserted between the two linerboard layers and glued. This type of box is called single walled. The second type is the double walled corrugated box. To manufacture this type of box two layers of fluted medium are used. They are then glued to alternating layers of linerboard. There are two separate layers used in this process. The third type is called a triple walled corrugated box. This process involves four linerboard layers and three fluted medium layers. These layers are alternated and glued together,


The Strength of the Corrugated Box

The strength of the box is dependent on the number of layers. The more fluted medium layers the stronger the corrugated box. This is why the corrugated boxes with triple walls are used so often for shipping heavy goods. Since these boxes are also cost effective they have become incredibly popular for numerous different industries.


A wide variety of packaging #supplies are offered by many reputable companies. Many of these businesses additionally offer pallets, crates, wooden skits, custom packaging boxes, corrugated boxes and foam materials for packing purposes. These products usually have a very high performance rating and offer excellent pricing and durability. These types of products are used by businesses for many reasons including ensuring the safety of their shipments, decreasing the chances of any damage to the products and cost effectiveness.


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Uploaded on March 16, 2018