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Teen Titans #9 Find the Pieces | by irishclown156
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Teen Titans #9 Find the Pieces

I step through the city cautiously. Around me are tons of people, they all seem to be in awe. I mean, I am a green gorilla so it makes sense, but they aren't scared. They look like it's normal to see it, which also makes sense seeing a green martian is on the Justice League. As I walk forward down the sidewalk, I see a kid who looks about 12ish stop in front of me.



Kid - Are you Gorilla Grodd?



I realize I can't speak, I mean I am a gorilla. I simply shake my head no, them hold my finger out. He high fives it, the people around all recording on their phones. I look at them and smile a large grin before continuing down the road. I need to find a police station or something that can help me, I don't have clothes, and we'll, don't have anywhere to go. In that instant I hear a faint cry come from an alleyway. Heading towards it, I see a girl in the back of the dark alley, she is wearing a purple cloak and a black suit. I begin to move down the alley, eventually making it to her.



She jolts her head up and lifts her hands. The begin to glow, with black rings forming at her wrists. I raise my giant arms and stop moving.



Rachel - Are you here to take me!? Take me like you took her!?



Take her? I need to talk to her, tell her I'm not a threat. I begin to think, think of my body. My form begins to change. The hair on my arms returns to the smoothness they usually are. My frame shrinks back to that of a normal, yet slightly shorter boy. I can feel my facial structure change, and my mouth feel smaller.



Gar - I'm not here to hurt you. My name is Gar.



She doesn't say anything. Keeping her hands up, she stands.



Gar - I heard you crying. I wanted to make sure you were ok. You said I was going to take you, that I took her. Did something happen? Are you ok?



She stays in position for another moment before she lowers her hands. Dropping into the position she was in before, she begins to cry while on the ground. I walk over to her and sit down, I can feel a chill go down my spine, as if there's a ghostly presence.



Rachel - My name is Rachel. I… I lost someone recently… I have no one now. They sacrificed everything they had for me and I couldn't help them.



I place my hand on her shoulder.



Gar - I… I lost someone too. My mom and dad used to own a ranch. We'd help lots of different animals there, but people didn't like that. One day some poachers came and wiped out every animal there, and… and mom and dad. I stayed with my mom's friend Rita for a while but then one day, she disappeared. I was taken by these people and now, I have powers, but nowhere to go. No one to go to.



Rachel - I don't know what to do. I… I've never been in the outside world. I was kept safe in the Tower of Fate my whole life, and now I'm stranded here.



Gar - He don't worry, you got me!



She looks at me, in a sincere way, but not smiling. I stand up and reach my hand out to her.



Gar - C'mon. The world's got a lot to offer, good and bad, but it's all worth a try.



She places her hand into mine as I help her up. In that moment I hear someone yell.



Person - Is that Robin?



I nod my head, leading Rachel to the sidewalk. On a big monitor, Robin and some huge orange hotty are standing in front of some kind of army. I look to Rachel who's eyes widen.



Rachel - Robin can help me. We need to go to him. C'mon.



She begins running ahead, then lifting off into a flight. She can fly? Wow. I turn into a gorilla once more and begin to chance after her.




I sit in the lab, staring at my hands. Inside them, a picture frame with my dad, mom, and myself. A teardrop hits the glass on the frame, and slowly slides down the picture.



Victor - I'm sorry mom. I almost… I almost made the worst decision I could have made.



I nearly killed myself. My finger was on the trigger but Robin. He stopped me from doing it. If he hadn't burst through my door. Or if he was a second late. I would be dead. He saved me.



News reporter - And it seems the faceoff of Robin and the mystery girl vs the army will begin soon.



I turn to the TV to see Robin. He is there with someone fighting that man. The man who nearly killed him.



Victor - I'm gonna make this right mom. I promise.

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Taken on August 12, 2019