2017 Trends and Forecast - December 6, 2016
Since the world woke to the reality of recent Election Day outcomes, there has been no denying -
regardless of political affiliation - that we live in historic times. The forces at play, the players involved,
and the playing field itself have already shifted. Markets are responding, stakeholders are positioning,
and communities are beginning implementation of approved measures - while most Americans
cautiously wait to see how the future will unfold under the policy of newly elected leadership.
It is the pleasure of LA Headquarters to host Richard Green, Director of the USC Lusk Center for Real
Estate, and Christine Cooper, Vice President of LAEDC’s Institute for Applied Economics, to provide
insights on what we might expect in the coming New Year, including the Neighborhood Integrity
Initiative, the impact of Measure JJJ on LA’s housing crisis, and other critical trends and forecasts --
setting the table for a 2017 that, in any case, will be like no other.
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