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ISS with Crew Dragon Resilience transits Jupiter | by tglenn174
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ISS with Crew Dragon Resilience transits Jupiter

This composite image shows 39 consecutive frames that were captured during a transit of the International Space Station across Jupiter. The event was captured from north of Lake Elsinore, CA, at GPS coordinates 33.732051N, -117.393964W, on November 19, 2020, 17:35:30 PST. The transit occurred when the ISS was at 27.6 degrees elevation, and at a range of 821km line of sight. This is not ideal, and Jupiter is also nearing solar conjunction. Nevertheless, this presented a unique opportunity to capture a planetary ISS transit. In addition to transiting Jupiter, the ISS passed close to Saturn and the Moon.


I posted a video on YouTube which documents the event, and shows the raw video footage:


The transit was recorded with a C9.25 Edge HD telescope, and ASI183mm camera with a 610nm far-red longpass filter. The exposures were 0.7ms each, and the frame rate was 57fps. The transit sequence is composed of 39 consecutive frames containing the spacecraft. The composite image is created by using a maximum intensity blending mode ("Lighten" in Photoshop). Three of the Galilean moons, Io, Ganymede, and Europa are visible in the image. Note that the image is oriented with Jupiter's North Pole at the top. The GRS (Great Red Spot) is not visible......the subtle darker spot visible on the surface of Jupiter is part of the NEB (North Equatorial Belt). After the transit occurred, I manually tracked the ISS as it passed high overhead, which presented a more favorable view for recording more details. The same equipment was used, this time with a 0.3ms exposure. The Crew Dragon Resilience can be seen docked on the ISS (link below):


The wide field shot (in the YouTube video) that includes the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and the ISS was shot at 95mm on a Nikon D5600.

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Uploaded on November 23, 2020