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Ann 1-23-09

Vaisto tagged me... so here are 16 things about me you probably don't know:


1. When my husband saw me wearing this outfit, he said "Hey Strummer." That was a huge compliment.


2. Often I don't understand women and the things women like and think.


3. For a year I worked as Christian Dior Cosmetics counter manager at Macy's in downtown Boston. Now I don't wear any makeup except on special occasions, but when I do I always wear Dior makeup.


4. I would take respect over money any day.


5. I will never have children.


6. I design knitwear based on what I want to wear and only later think about whether anyone else would like it.


7. I was a little bit shocked when I got my first knitting design accepted to an online magazine, because it meant that other people would want what I want.


8. The best job I have ever had was teaching Akkadian at Harvard to graduate students.


9. That job did not pay me enough to live (so I also worked at Macy's).


10. I have been a full-time administrator for nearly 4 years now.


11. Every day I wake up and wonder how I do it.


12. I don't style my hair. It is true bed head.


13. I've always given whatever I have to my friends and family when they need it.


14. The other day while at my secretary job I thought, "Everyone knows this company is going through a hard time. We should all get together and talk about what we can sacrifice to get through this time together so no one does without."


15. I kinda want to get laid off...


16. I could not love my family more. They are the best.


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Taken on January 23, 2009