Lykan Hypersport
I am pleased to announce my most complicated and rewarding build yet, the Lykan Hypercar. This vehicle has never been produced in Technic Lego.Some of my main goals for this build were to create as many realistic functions possible to the real car while maintaining a cosmetically appealing bodywork. The curves and features on this car are par to none in regards to bodywork difficulty and functions. It all began with the framework and a 4 speed manual transmission. The rear suspension, (multi link, horizontal coil over) was beyond me as to how I could implement it with Lego. I discussed my concerns with Dugald (my brother) and 5 minutes later he sends me a photo of a roughed out version of the proper suspension. The 4 speed transmission and rear suspension was build with much help from him. Once the ground work was laid out, it was time for the functions. I absolutely had to motorize the Lykan doors, to the same extent of the real car. Much of my work on this vehicle was just thinking about how to build the crazy curves in a new way. This beast has working lights, servo for steering, 2xl motors for drive, 1 m-motor for doors, 1 m-motor for rear wing, working twin turbo boxer V6 engine with fan. The front hood has an original latch system I designed to open the same amount as the real car. The rear engine cover was designed to have similar appearance to the real car. I found much inspiration from this car due to its geometric shapes with random parts I had found in my kids Lego. Like the 3x grey flags I used on top of the engine. The lights had to match the real car and I believe I did my best to do just that ;) Enjoy!
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