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The name "Shangri-La" comes from the fictional, mystical, harmonious place, described by James Hilton in his novel "Lost Horizon".


Shot taken on March 14th 2012, from the summit of Mount Brévent (2.525 m - 8.284 ft), France.

Down on the right you can see the rocky peaks I've used as subject in my previous shots.


About this photo, I must recognize that this particular composition is just inevitable... when you're out there, at night, with the tent illuminated from inside, well... the temptation is too strong... so, why resist? :-)


In the background you can see part of the Mont Blanc massif French side, gently illuminated from below by the lights of Chamonix.


Mont Blanc is both a massif and a peak.

The name can refer to the entire mountain range bordering French, Italy and Switzerland, as well as the main peak at 4.810 meters altitude.

Mont Blanc is the highest peak in western Europe. The top peak in all of Europe is Mount Elbrus (Caucasus, Russia) 5.642 m.

So, you see, the highest point is dependent upon the definition of Europe.


From left to the right you can see the entire range of the Aiguilles de Chamonix (with the famuos Aiguille du Midi lit for the night), the Mont Blanc du Tacul (4.248), Mont Maudit (4.465 m), Mont Blanc summit (4.810 m), Dôme du Goûter (4.306), Aiguille du Goûter (3.863).


In the night sky, on the right, we have some relevant stars, just look in the sector above the Aiguille du Goûter and Le Brévent summit: Aludra, Wezen, Adhara, of Canis Major constellation.


Live long and prosper!



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Taken on March 14, 2012