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The Rise of Orion

Another very minimalistic shot, taken at lake Agnel (2,300 m), in the Gran Paradiso National Park (Italy), after a 15 km hike in the snow.


These are two snow dunes very similar in shape, esthetically one looked like "an echo" of the other to me... and that was enough to caught my attention :-)


Anyhow, I've been waiting a lot before taking this shot. The lighting was not a problem, because it was generated by an orange beacon of lake Agnel dam... so, there it was for all the night :-) that means I could have always worked pretty well with light&shadows... what interested me was to have more stars in the sky... and this can be a problem (even in high mountain) when the moon shines high in the sky!


Therefore, while waiting, I've eaten dinner and I've made a cup of hot tea in my tent (also because the temperature was many degrees below zero), looking for the moon moving on the right and for Orion to rise, a constellation I've always loved and, I must say, choreographic :-)


The main subject still remains the snow dunes, but the presence of some stars seemed important to me (although few, due to moon illumination), in order to show what we often see in high mountains: "bridges" "gateways"... yes, between the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Microcosm can here be understood as a totally minimal essential portion of the landscape (like two snow dunes), while the macrocosm ever remains the unknown infinite vastness of the universe.

These "bridges" are absolutely basic in my understanding of photography... and I hope to devote more works in the future, even more targeted, if possible.



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Taken on November 10, 2011