Need A New Battery

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    Hit up the Apple Store because my mac laptop battery hardly holds a charge anymore. :/. When I went in I saw that there weren't any batteries for available, so I became concerned that there might be a possibility that Apple is discontinuing my particular battery needed. I kindly asked an employee for help and strangely they all seemed too bothered to want to help me. But being me, I pressed the matter by not listening to his potential crap and asked my question. He checked in the back and meanwhile I started to snap the picture above. Lo and behold an ass stepped in my shot and asks rather nastily if I need help. I instinctively laughed at how he approached me and said--still laughing, "Oh. No I don't need help, but you did step into my shot.". He grimaced and rolled his eyes. "Jerk!" is what I thought. What is with this epidemic of douchebags that work for Apple. I know Steve Jobs is a douche, but it now appears that the douchey ideology of jerk-ness is spread throughout the company. Shoot! I think while I was in the store I succumbed to the very same douchebaggery myself when I spoke back to that mean employee. Aye!

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