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'The Enigmatic Furillen' | by twain orfan photo guy ~ thank you !
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'The Enigmatic Furillen'

sim: Furillen


Twain Orfan Interviewed by:

Art Critic: Eleanor Heartney !

Her Bio:

[EH] Now Mr Orfan ..

Twain: Yes ?

EH: How did you come up with the name for this photo ?

Twain: Well . I gave it many an hour of thought .. and then I , um

EH: .....yes ?

Twain: [Laughs a bit]

Twain: Actually. I thought up the name last minute. No thought at all ! [Slaps his knee].

EH: You find that funny ?

Twain: [Looks around the room]

Twain: Um .. No. It's .. I mean ..

Twain: It's horrible ! I should have thought about the name for hours

EH: [nods]

EH: What does the photo represent ?

Twain: Well .. As Sigmund Freud use to say .. 'sometimes a hot dog is just a hot dog ... '

EH: [removes her glasses and gives Twain a stern look]

EH: You realize I flew out from New York just to do this interview with you ?

Twain: [Fidgets a bit .. droplets of water at his brow]

Twain: The, ah, .. photo represents Furillen and, um , .. ya know, .. the mysteries contained within. .......How does that sound ?

EH: [Sighs deeply and marks down some notes]

EH: Your photogenic style is a mystery to many.

Twain: Is .. .hm ? Is that a good thing ?

EH: 'No ! It is not Mr Orfan! '

Twain: [Places a finger to his chin]

Twain: Hmmm ?

EH: The public enjoyed your photos much more a year ago !

Twain: They did ?!

EH: Remember 'High Water'

Twain: [Thinks back]

Twain: Oh yes ! [Big Smile]

Twain: Those were my money years !

EH: This photo is so dark and obtuse. I doubt anyone will look !

Twain: [Raises his hand]

EH: Yes ?!

Twain: What does, .. 'obtuse' mean ?

EH: ....allow me to use it in a sentence for you ...

EH: Twain Orfan is quite obtuse !

Twain: [Stares off into space]

Twain: [Raises his hand again]

EH: Yes ?!! [Sounding exhausted ]

Twain: I still don't get it ?

EH: Never mind !!

Twain: Well ! I never !!

EH: Maybe you should !

EH: Did you win the 'BLOGGIES' ?

Twain: Umm ... I , ..I'm not sure?

EH: Well .. you had better !

EH: Rumor has it that HBO, Showtime and Ubu Productions are all going to pull funding from your little photo projects if you don't win !!

Twain: OH MY GOSH !!!


Twain: Hm? Who is Ubu Productions ?

EH: [Looks as though she has a headache]

EH: They produced Family Ties back in the 80's .. Remember at the end of the show when the Dog would sit and someone would say 'Sit Ubu Sit'

Twain: [Rolls his eyes around his head and blinks twice]

Twain: Yeh ... I kind'a remember

Twain: I know I liked Alex on the show ... if that counts ? !!

EH: You will have zero funds !!

Twain: [Takes a long pause]

Twain: ..........'oh' .............

EH: I do like this photo.

Twain: You do ?

EH: Yes. I hate to admit it.

Twain: [slowly nods]

Twain: You like it because it's obsequious ?

EH: You mean obtuse ?

Twain: Yeh .. that also.

EH: NO ! I just like the feel that it projects from its inner core.

Twain: [Blank look on his face]

Twain: Uh - huh

EH: You really are stupid aren't you ?

Twain: Yes.

EH: [Sighs]

EH: Time for me to leave !

Twain: Would you like a parting gift ? Like a tube of Puce ?

EH: No ! Just show me to the door !

[Twain shows her to the door]

EH: Good Day !

Twain: Hm ? Oh .. yes .. Good D

EH: [Door slams ..........]




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Uploaded on October 23, 2019