• Sulphur mining and sulphur smoke.
    Here is the site where the worker transport from 70–100 kilograms at once on the abrupt slopes of the volcano, using bamboo ladders where the slope is too steep and must be carried up to the crater rim approximately 300 meters above before being carried several kilometers down the mountain
  • on the highest ground of the crater (2,799 m (9,183 ft) above sea level
  • Crater dam. About 50 liters per second leaks of acid water in the crater lake had infiltrated and contaminated surrounding rivers and wells
  • Mt. Raung..means SOAR. Another active volcano.
  • Java Sea
  • klo terang semua lebih keren nih - he.setia (hadir)

The world's largest acidic volcanic crater lake, Ijen Crater.

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Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater)
Location: East Java, Indonesia
Coordinates: 8.058°S 114.242°E
Elevation: 2,799 m (9,183 ft)
Type: Stratovolcano
Last eruption: 1999

Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater) is a nature reserve Ijen Park is located between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso District, East Java, Indonesia. This crater exactly located at the top of Mount Ijen which is one of a series of volcanoes in East Java such as Raung, Bromo, Semeru and Merapi.

This beautiful warm crater lake with its blue-greenish water look very inviting but it corrosive and dangerous! Kawah Ijen is the world's largest highly acidic volcanic lake. The crater size is about 960 meters x 600 meters with a depth of 200 meters is so acidic that it can dissolve clothes and human flesh. The acid measure is almost zero (pH<0.5) about similar to the strength of car battery acid.
With the elevation 2,799 m (9,183 ft), cold air with temperatures 10° Celsius, the temperature might reach 2° Celsius will increase the sensation of its own experience. Various plants that exist only in the highlands can also be found here, such as Edelweis Flowers and Pine.

The best time to start hiking to Kawah Ijen is early morning. From either Arabica or Catimore homestay, takes for about 30 minutes driving to Paltuding Starting Point. Enthusiast hikers even leave the homestay at 4 am or earlier, so they can reach the crater on time for sunrise.
From the parking lot, a well-worn 3km track leads us up to the volcano rim. At first, heading up through the shady casuarinas forest, the track is wide and flat but it is just the beginning and gradually it rises up with some steep sections. After about 2 km walking, there is a shelter up there, Pondok (shelter) – the post to weigh the miner’s sulfur load where they can get a promissory note to exchange it later with cash money at the base camp.
Just about 1 km from pondok, the trail thankfully flattened out all the way to the crater’s rim as we are welcomed by smelling sulfur fumes. From the edge, we need to climb another 300meters down a narrow steep path to the lakeside to get the best pictures.

As alternative, the panoramic view can be seen obviously just hike up for about 1km to the northern-east of the crater and follow the track, a breathtaking view of stunning turquoise lake brings us to this magnificent.

Volcano Discovery offers 18-day vulcanologist-guided trips through the heart of Java.
Check it out on National Geographic - Ultimate Adventure Bucket List - Trek Java's Volcano

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EXIF: 0.025 sec • f/13 • 10 mm • ISO 160
Exposure Mode + White Balance: Manual
Filters: Lee 0.9SE GND

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