GNEW 2013
Great Northeastern War

July 11-14 in the Shire of Malagentia, East Kingdom, aka Hebron, Maine, USA. Thanks to the staff for a mighty fine event. :)

This set includes the Northern Region Rattan Championship (sorry they get blurry at the end; we lost the light - Congrats Micah!), the tower battle, some A&S classes, the Court of TRM Gregor and Kiena, the elevation to the Laurel of now Mistress Sylvia du Vey, and the protege ceremony of Azure to Baron Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen. Also, as always, the lovely people of the East.

These pictures were taken on a Canon Xsi by Lady Albreda Aylese, mka Susan Bingham. Please feel free to use them in any non-commercial manner that would make you and the people in the images happy. Attribution is appreciated, but not necessary.

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