Liminal Space, Installation Photo Gallery
Migration is perhaps the defining movement of our time for both the ones who leave and the ones who are left. Liminal Space brings together artists of Guyanese heritage, who via photography, painting, sculpture, installation, video, textile and mixed-media, bear witness to what drives one from their homeland as well as what keeps one psychically tethered to it. "Liminal" from the Latin word limens means "threshold" a place of transition, waiting, and unknowing. In tandem, the artworks in Liminal Space engage hard truths of a country defined by constant departure and deemed "a disappearing nation." Yet, the works offer restorative narratives of why this homeland is loved. Etched out in the artists' visual narratives are tensions conjured up when one floats in liminal space--the land lived in and the land left behind.

Featured Artists: Kwesi Abbensetts, Damali Abrams, Khadija Benn, Victor Davson, Stanley Greaves, Carl Hazlewood, Dominique Hunter, Michael Lam, Donald Locke, Andrew Lyght, Suchitra Mattai, Christie Neptune, Mason Richards, Karran Sahadeo, Keisha Scarville, Arlington Weithers.

Curator: Grace Aneiza Ali

On view at Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI) until November 30, 2017:

All images copyright of Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI). Photos: Argenis Apolinario.
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