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sha baihu process | by Boy Obsolete
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sha baihu process

i drew this cup like 5 or 6 times.

i dont sketch on the cups first, what u see in the final product is all done freehand, zero room for errors, with a sharpie.


a) started with drawing the side profile of the tiger, but i wasnt quite feeling it because it seemed too flat. so after about 1.5 hours of work, i decided to stop.


b) after looking online for more photos of tigers, i decided to go with a tiger lying on its side, swiping away at a lady warrior.everything was going good until i drew the lady. i messed up on her mouth and face outline, and she looked terrible, and since i cant "undo " my mistakes, i started over again after about 2 hours of work. i took that long because drawing a tiger was new to me.


c) this one came closest to the final cup i did. a few problems though. her hand was too manly. the tiger looked too small, and lady didnt "engage" the viewers enough. i kept going though, thinking that once i filled in all the details, it would probably look pretty good. but when i drew that lock of hair covering her face, (between tiger's paw and her nose), it took away the feminine feel of the warrior that i had hoped to retain. so 4 hours, gone.


d) wow, my tiger kicks ass. then i decided to try drawing the lady coming down at it holding a katana. problem is, i couldnt extend her arms out if i wanted to how the katana shes holding. so i kept her arms in. after that, i realized the katana wasnt going to fit in the cup too without ruining the composition. so i stopped after about 1.5 hours, not counting the 3 hours of research i did on japanese armor.


e) "maybe if i started drawing the lady first, i would be less nervous about ruining the whole cup.." i thought. i drew her too close to the bottom of the cup, leaving no space for the tiger. and she didnt look too intelligent either, nor did i like the pose too much. so i stopped after 10 mins.


final.) Woohoo. after 4 days of drawing. 5 hours on sat, and 12 hours today. trying really hard not to make mistakes, its done!


and this is why i dont have a girlfriend.


sept 27, 09. 10.05pm


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Taken on September 27, 2009