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Fuchsia procumbens #2 | by J.G. in S.F.
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Fuchsia procumbens #2

Onagraceae - Endemic to North Island, New Zealand

Trailing Fuchsia, Creeping Fuchsia

Shown: Detail of flower displaying the bright red stamen filaments and strikingly blue pollen; unlike the pendulous flowers and flower buds of most Fuchsia species, those of F. procumbens grow upright



"Fuchsia (pronounced /ˈfjuːʃə/ FEW-shə) is a genus of flowering plants, mostly shrubs...identified by Charles Plumier in the late 17th century, and named by Plumier in 1703 after the German botanist Leonhart Fuchs (1501–1566).[2] The English name fuchsia is frequently misspelled fuschia.


"There are about 100–110 species of Fuchsia. The great majority are native to South America, but with a few occurring north through Central America to Mexico, and also several from New Zealand to Tahiti One species, Fuchsia magellanica, extends as far as the southern tip of South America, occurring on Tierra del Fuego in the cool temperate zone, but the majority are tropical or subtropical. Most fuchsias are shrubs from 0.2–4 m (8 in–13 ft 1 in) tall, but one New Zealand species, Kotukutuku (Fuchsia excorticata), is unusual in the genus in being a tree, growing up to 12–15 metres (39–49 ft) tall." (Wikipedia)


More botanical and cultural information on F. procumbens:


F. procumbens available online from:


Additional view:


Photographed in my garden in San Francisco, California


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Taken on August 28, 2010