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The School of Athens | by Pau Padrós
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The School of Athens

Main veiw of my brother's build; a recreation of the 1511 fresco by Raphael "Scuole di Atene", "The School of Athens". This model contains 3230 pieces and a smaller 2999-piece model has been uploaded to Lego Ideas.


Why "The School of Athens"?

My brother was building this and was about to throw away the design, but I insisted in trying with a smaller scale and, some months later, here we are! The School of Athens is a summary of humanity. So many aspects of human knowledge feature here: painting, sculpture, architecture, philosophy, cosmology (theories of the cosmos), colour theory, perspective, anatomy... Most importantly, these characters differed massively when it comes to how they saw the world but they anyway speak, discuss, wonder, discover... Something that is as universal as it has even been and that might be even more needed now.


There are total of 47 characters represented. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle all have 22 pieces each, which in numerology means that "one's on a path to turn a dream into a reality". All three had the dream of making humanity rational via their teachings and fought as hard as they could to acheive it. Plus, this equal number marks them as equally as important.

The model is modular and splits into four parts.

Although the composition is symmetrical, none of the two sides are exactly equal (look for the differences, it's fun!).

A total of 38 solid Lego colours out of the 41 are used in this model!

Because I couldn't make out what Euclid was drawing with his compass, I suggested my brother to design a decoration featuring Lego bricks: a rocker bearing with its corresponding 2x2 plate, some 1x1 bricks and an Erling brick, all of which are present in the model, but where...? Maybe you'll need to find that yourselves...






More fun facts:

· Originally, the plan was to use the 1x1 brick with studs on four sides ( for female characters and the Erling brick for male ones (something that is followed most closely on the top part of the staircase) but when my brother begun the characters on the lower part, I suggested not following that rule anymore as some hairly characters with bald sides looked... weird.

· My favourite part usages are grey cherries as a compass for Euclid and the barbed wire piece as Epicurus' leaf garland and as Ptolomy's king of Egypt crown,

· The only bit of the colour 325 Lavender in the model are the overhanging robes next to Diogenes.

· Only female characters wear 323 Aqua clothes.

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Uploaded on July 19, 2019