Nikon 14-24 w/Cokin X-pro filter

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    Cokin X-Pro filter holder
    Cokin X-Pro universal adapter
    On a DX format, no vignetting at all. Able to use 2 filters or polarizer w/ 1 filter. The homemade slip-on adapter is made from 4" schedule 40 pvc plumbing pipe.

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    1. walkerwg 82 months ago | reply

      Thinlie -- If the diameter of the 14-24 is 98mm, the inner diameter of the lens hood and max outer diameter of the actual lens might be about 96mm.

      Moreover, the linked article seems to suggest that for a DX camera with the 14-24, this size would not cause vignetting. And I am planning on using it with a D300. Quoting the article "With DX format no vignetting at all."

      Since the article was based on using the Lee push on holder, using a 96mm adapter ring centered precisely over the lens would seem to provide the same opening. Then the use of 100mm filters would seem doable.

    2. Dan__G 82 months ago | reply

      awesome setup! have you tested it on FX yet?

    3. thinlie 82 months ago | reply

      Dan G - I have looked through my Nikon FE 35mm format and with my pvc flush to the tip of the hood it vignettes up to 20mm with it able to use the full capabilities of the holder. Now with the front of the pvc pushed in so its flush with the side petals of the hood, with use of only 1 filter, I see no vignetting at 14mm. I would really like to try this out on a D3 and take a few clicks to see if there really is no vignetting at 14mm.

    4. jouff125 80 months ago | reply

      THANK YOU THINLIE ! This is awesome ! I was desperately looking for a solution for this damn filter problem on this particular lens ! Let's order ! ;-)

    5. janetbongiovanni 80 months ago | reply

      Thank you for a light at the end of the tunnel. I've been sitting on the fence over purchasing the 14-24 or the Tokina 11-15. Both are outrageous. I rented the 14-24 for 3 weeks and borrowed the Tokina. I just ordered the Nikon after I read your post. Please consider fabricating the filter modification for sale. I'm not too swift in this department. if you'd consider making this for me.
      Also, a big thank you for the Bay Area photos. Born and raised in SF and Marin but now living in NJ. I can drool and get homesick anytime I want now!
      In fact I was just "home" last month but had my Nikon 17-35 and the 105 stolen from my bags. So I wasn't able to shoot many landscapes. I still have my 70-200 though. I'm looking forward to getting back in the game with the new 14-24...fall's coming to the East.

    6. bubbleooooo2004 79 months ago | reply

      你好,我是 Camera GROUP 群組的管理員,我們希望將其新增至該群組!

    7. TranceVelebit 79 months ago | reply

      Amazing lens, I'm planing to buy it soon but the fact it can't accept filters is just killing me! I shoot landscapes allot and not being able to use a polarizer is just unthinkable to me. At moments I was even thinking about giving up on this amazing lens. Your solution gives me hope again. Cokin X series polarizer is quite an additional investment but this lens is so good it justifies it. Are you satisfied with X series glass? Do you notice any deterioration in sharpness or quality overall? Thanks! Cheers!

    8. TiagoDegaspari 76 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called My Equipament || Meu equipamento, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    9. Sprengstoff72 70 months ago | reply

      good idea! I am waiting for my D700 and the 14-24 now, i was a bit worried about the filter bit, but not anymore :)

    10. Lih-Huei Tan 63 months ago | reply

      the filter can cover whole part or the lens? on 14mm

    11. Reed Ingram Weir 61 months ago | reply

      Cheers for this I have now made a similar version that work with no vignetting at 16mm on FX format I even managed to get some Lee 130/170mm Filters :)

      my Version

    12. réflexif 56 months ago | reply

      Wow! Almost 36,000 views. You really have shown a lot of 14-24 owners that putting on a filter is possible and simple.

    13. faiz tajuddin 49 months ago | reply

      Quick question - if you mount the adapter ring on a lens directly, is there going to be damage because of the screws to the lens frame? Thanks.

    14. Ron Banff 44 months ago | reply

      Hi: I am intrigued by the slip cover set up you made for the Filter holder on a Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 lens. Did any stray light bleed in from the slip on PVC ring or was the seal on the hood close enough? I am wondering about the Lens Hood and its butterfly shape being a problem before I go ahead and try this with a very expensive lens

    15. GoBickers 24 months ago | reply

      I just made a cool holder for my 14-24 without buying an adapter ring. Another $6 part at home depot and it snaps right on to the filter holder that I bought for $27. Now I just need a good deal on X-Pro filters.

    16. réflexif 12 months ago | reply

      A great lens and set up!

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