The council is composed of five Religious Canonists from different continents: Africa (Nigeria), Asia (India), Oceania (Australia), Europe (Italy) and North America (Canada). The first meeting of the Council of Canonists took place in Rome in March 2015.

The objectives of the Council are as follows:

To create a network of canonists working at the service of feminine religious life, promoting knowledge and exchange among such canonists.
To put these resources at the service of the formation of General Governments in the different continents.
To offer consulting services to Superiors General (either at the UISG offices in Rome or via email).
The Council has undertaken the following initiatives, under the sponsorship of the Conrad Hilton Foundation for whose financial support we are extremely grateful:

December 2015: meeting of a representative number of feminine religious canonists currently working in the field of consultation to congregations of women religious in various parts of the world.
May 2016: there will be a study-seminar in Rome for Superiors General.
For further information please contact UISG, Rosalia Armillotta: (Mission)
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