Hommage to Andrew Graham-Yooll
London, 23 July – We paid a heartfelt tribute to the recently deceased journalist Andrew Graham-Yooll. The commemoration took place at the 25th Jorge Luis Borges Conference, which was inaugurated in 1983 on the initiative of the Anglo-Argentine Society by the Argentine literary great himself. Since that year, the annual event has been attended by Graham Greene, Mario Vargas Llosa, Alicia Jurado, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Angela Carter, Carlos Fuentes, Simon Collier, Adolfo Bioy Casares, Marcos Aguinis, Nicholas Shakespeare, Alberto Manguel and Henry Elio, among others.

Yesterday’s event at the Official Residence of the Argentine Ambassador, where Graham-Yooll was originally set to speak, turned instead into a heartfelt tribute in his memory. “A Little History of the Buenos Aires Herald: Paté, Brandy and Bombs”, the title of his posthumous speech, was read out by his daughter Inés in a moving address, in the company of relatives and friends of Andrew, including journalists and members of the Anglo-Argentine community.

Ambassador Carlos Sersale welcomed those gathered with a poem “Juan López and John Ward”, by Borges. “One year ago I met Andrew – the man, and the legend. Today we want to make a pledge, and a commitment to you, to keep his legacy alive. This conference is an opportunity to celebrate the talent of his literary oeuvre. It also serves as a tribute to his courage, to his contribution to truth, justice and democracy in Argentina, and the links between the history of the Scottish-Anglo-Argentine communities", the Argentine diplomat said.
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