MotoE Australian Amateur MX Riding & Performance Camp at Mount Kembla
MotoE recently came back to the Wollongong Motorcycle Club at Mount Kembla to host Level 1 and Level 2 camps. We had a full Level 1 camp with 20 participants, and 12 Level 2 riders for indiviualized instruction.

On track skills and drills focused on race starts, cornering, jumping, rhythm sections, breaking, and acceleration bumps. Participants also received in-depth instruction on flexibility, functional strength, nutrition & hydration, and mental development practices.

Conditions went from wet (thanks to the rain) and sloppy to tacky and perfectly developed as the riders improved their cornering skills, starting skills, jumping skills and improved high end speeds everywhere.

The average improvement in lap times were close to 8 seconds per lap according to the lap times captured by parents and mechanics. Lap time deviations were close to 2 seconds over a 20 minute moto.

Smoother throttle control, stablized bikes and improved body positions on the bike resulted in safe riding and very fast speeds.
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