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With Full Hardness

"Men!" shouted Sir Malagar Raegwyn. "We will not be beaten without a fight, we will send these crusaders back to where they came from! We are not hiding under the rocky lobes of our allies, as well as this self-appointed conqueror under the leadership of Brandküst and South End - go out and show these Crusaders, like the Iron The Iron Land pierces flesh so that their blood may soak the ground, so that they are shown not to recklessly mingle with the Scourge Lord, the fire of our dragons is to devour them, burning their flesh from their bones!

Mordrek'thar is a bastion that you must overcome first along with us. Here and today, the triumphal procession of these fortune knights will end. "Sir Reagwynn roared in full chest as he stood in front of all the Ironland forces.

A thumping mob, roused and ready to strike, quickly took a stand and waited for the inevitable. The war drums of Ironland sounded. Accompanying the rhythm, the knights slammed their shields on their shields - a sinister sounding thunder sounded, which had to be heard miles away.


"Be strong, men, and do not retreat, you are the bastion, the wrath of the scourge-lord Carundhir - the EASTER LEGION All the women, children and men of these lands rely on you here and today Keep these invaders until the soldiers Arriving at Kurvenheim's and Großstein's to give them the rest and drive them away once and for all! "Added Sir Malagar.


"It will not be long before a military column with fire-breakers and Ithians gets into our reach of the fortress walls." One of the scouts shouted from the fortress walls, which scanned the horizon for hostile troop movements like an eagle.

"And what about the troops from the south end?", Answered the guardsman standing next to him.


The scout chuckled: "As I see it, Prince Shelby and King Boga are already busy with beer, wine and mead. In any case, they are not present here in this troop. "


A warhorn of Ironland resounded loudly. The gates opened slowly and heavily, and sheer numbers of Iron Legion soldiers came out of that relatively small fortress of Ironland. Whatever might happen to them, they were ready.

The fight began.

A first salvo of the ihtilian rangers bounced off the shield wall of the determined defenders almost ineffectually. As it became apparent that no success could be achieved by ranged attacks, the ithilian general tried to persuade his moribund horde to attack. Just then, the scourge hero's heroic counterattacking counterattacked and drove back the attackers.

After a short time, the warmongers realized that they had no chance today - the Ironlands were too well prepared - and the enemy forces were forced to retreat.

The hobgoblins of the Kapul'Bashkaum were gifted hunters, and they no longer enjoyed supporting the Iron Legion soldiers in this hunt for the fleeing Brandküstlers and Ithillians, thereby preventing numerous fleeing enemy soldiers from retreating.

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Taken on December 11, 2018