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Babylegs - Step 7 | by Baby Hopes
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Babylegs - Step 7

Once you have the foot fabric folded down so that the right side is facing out and the raw edges meet you will need to thread the remaining sock through the folded foot tube. (Sounds complicated. It's really not.) Your tube "sock" should have the "right" side of the fabric facing out as well.


What you are shooting for is to have THREE raw edges pinned together. Two edges from the small tube (ie "Cuff") you have just sewn & folded down and one edge from the tube sock. (This edge is from when you cut the foot off the tube portion of the sock.)


I prefer to pin the three edges at four corners to keep everything even. You'll notice that the cuff is not as wide as the sock, which is why pinning can help. This way you sew an even amout of sock to the cuff all the way around. There are lot's of ladies who skip pinning and do wonderfully. However, I suggest for your first effort that you do the pinning.


Stretch the cuff as you sew so that the finished affect will be that the long tube sock will gather slightly onto the cuff.


A Simple Recap

1. Stitch the foot part (right side together) down the long edge.

2. Fold the two remaining raw edges together (RIGHT SIDE now OUT). This is your cuff.

3. Thread the tube sock through your cuff. You now have THREE raw edges. Pin raw edge of sock evenly to the two raw edges of cuff.

4. Stitch all three layers together.

5. Zig-Zag over the raw edges for a "serged" affect.

6. Fold cuff down.

7. Admire your work. You're finished!


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Taken on September 4, 2006