Aurek fighter
This is my entry for the Star Wars X building contest. Aurek is the first letter in the Star Wars alphabet, which is called "Aurebush".

This fearsome weapon of the Empire is a unique two-seater TIE fighter with several striking features. From the secret skullduggery at Kuat Driveyards comes a uniquely survivable craft designed for striking at capital ships. Two massive wing-mounted Ion cannons are its primary weapons with guided missiles stashed in the wing roots. Two heavy lasers are nestled in the crooks of the missile doors with two more light lasers in the traditional chin mount position. Equipped with a hyperdrive, the pilot and gunner had extraordinary leeway in coordination of their attacks. The Aurek TIE fighter still lacked standard landing gear and in some photos you can see the red auxiliary cradle. The oversized wing area provided more than enough power to the pair of uprated Sienar P-s6 ion engines.

I didn't have enough of the black wing parts 3933 & 3934 so did my best to hide those. I also had to use both old and new greys, please forgive me! You build with the pieces you have... The ship's main body is symmetrical left-right as well as up-down so the cockpit can fit either way. It's quite swooshable, and the ion cannons are the spring-loaded rubber-tipped bullet kinds whose triggers extend just to the outer edge of the forward wing corners. Guided missile doors open and close. The gunner's seat rotates, and the cockpit detaches from the main body.
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