Foggy Island Reflections (-12°C) More info in 1st comment & description area

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Hello my friends! I'm back, but with limited internet connection. I will make sure to catch up with everyone who leaves a comment soon as I am back online full time (probably this week!)

:about the photo:
I got inspired to get back out there and captured this morning shot one day after my previous upload :-)
This is a bit of rocky outcropping (extending from a larger island) which I've climbed on many times for other shots :-)
That small tree you see reflecting in the water saved me one morning from sliding down that slippery slope... so I love that little tree! ;-)

If anyone's still reading... that is a dark fog bank covering the area below the sun!
It continued moving over the area and covered more of the landscape which I had intended to shoot, but it made for an interesting & beautiful photo this day (in my opinion)
There was a slight fog in the foreground as well, which mixed with a bit of steam rising off the freezing waters and gave the entire scene an eerie coloring that morn.
Speaking of freezing, the temperature was -12°C (minus twelve) between 8 & 9 that morning, and I captured this shot a bit after 9. I stayed out a while and saw some amazing views that day! No regrets :-)

* my Sony camera was damaged in a drop recently, the same day I took my 1st Upright Landscape photo (2 photos back in my photostream).
It is still damaged but I can use it to shoot 4:3 shots... but I can't access 16:9, 1:1 or other ratios. I also can't access the Flash settings or other fine controls. But at least it still zooms! *

Thanks guys for sticking around, it's great to be able to share this one with you today :-)
(Once I have full internet service again, I'll catch up with all who have commented too!)

...Friends, feel free to add yourself to the 'People In Photo' list if you'd like :-)

Hope you find something interesting or enjoyable in this capture
Thanks everyone for your wonderful Comments & Faves, I truly appreciate your support :-)

Have a beautiful day my friends!!!

Enjoy the view!


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  1. Doc Chocobo 5 weeks ago | reply

    I love the clarity Symmetry and Valence of this composition. I wish I could step foot on that bank and look around in that world. excellent photograph!

  2. Gabriela Oravova 5 weeks ago | reply

    Imrpessive reflections.

  3. ParadisPaul 5 weeks ago | reply

    Bonne journée
    Salut bien

  4. MaxUndFriedel 4 weeks ago | reply

    Sorry to read about your camera! Even with a perfect gear this would be a stunning image, not to mention the bravery to spend so many hours in the cold! Thank you for taking us along!

  5. joeyboey68 3 weeks ago | reply

    What a beautiful! Keep up the good work!

  6. cbelato 3 weeks ago | reply

    Fantastic light and excellent perspective. Loved the golden tones and nice reflections.

  7. Palnick 3 weeks ago | reply

    Gorgeous image

  8. Jerry P Briggs 2 weeks ago | reply

    A most wonderful atmosphere.. :)

  9. daystar297 2 weeks ago | reply

    just so many beautiful images ....

  10. Jennifertessena 2 weeks ago | reply

    Amazingly beautiful!

  11. mr tall44 2 weeks ago | reply

    Beautiful tones and reflections - superb photo.

  12. Lisa Richard 2 weeks ago | reply

    Beautiful photo!

  13. yusuf ks 2 weeks ago | reply

    It must be a nice memories to capture this beautiful morning scene in the cold temperature (-12°C . Wow! I can't imagine the coldness). I really salute to this work, very well done my friend!

  14. mensinkr 10 days ago | reply

    Beautiful photo Crush

  15. williamcho 8 days ago | reply

    Fantastic scene my friend!

  16. g.kerscaven 5 days ago | reply

    Superb composition

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