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Grass fly | by arian.suresh
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Grass fly

(Unknown species), Family: Chloropidae


4mm iridescent fly in plantain drinking dew. Shot with diffused internal flash.


Both, the wings and top of abdomen are iridescent

Thanks to Nikita Vikhrev in for helping with ID.


The Chloropidae are a family of flies commonly known as frit flies or grass flies. About 2000 described species are in over 160 genera distributed worldwide. These are usually very small flies, yellow or black and appearing shiny due to the virtual absence of any hairs. The majority of the larvae are phytophagous, mainly on grasses, and can be major pests of cereals. However, parasitic and predatory species are known. A few species are kleptoparasites. Some species in the genera Hippelates and Siphunculina (S. funicola being quite well known in Asia) are called eye gnats or eye flies for their habit of being attracted to eyes. They feed on lachrymal secretions and other body fluids of various animals, including humans and are of medical significance

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Taken on February 7, 2016