Panama Christmas Day Waterspout
A very unusual storm front came through on Christmas Day 2006 with slashing rain and very dark skies.

We first noticed an unusual formation when palm fronds began lifting off the ground and slowly rotating in an invisible funnel just off our balcony.

The invisible, slow motion vortex wandered between our apartment building and the one next door, a gap of about 50 feet, then slowly moved out over the bay, still invisible except for a swirl on the ocean surface.

The vortex slowly gained strength and began to form a visible funnel from the surface up, what I have been told is the mark of a "true waterspout" that builds from the surface rather than the cloud.

It continued to gain strength and developed into a major funnel that eventually moved out to sea.

The pics look to be black and white, but they are actual in color; the sky got so dark that the camera
"greyed out".

Some additional photos added from Panamanian news sites courtesy Kevin Bradley, photographer.

Our apartment building, (not visible), was directly under the kink in the funnel

No damage was done by this waterspout.
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