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Hippopotamus - Queen Elizabeth, Uganda

13 September 2009 - Kazinga Channel, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.

Hippopotamus / Nijlpaard (Hippopotamus amphibius)


For those who like the biological details:

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Phylum: Chordata; Vertebrates / Gewervelden

Class: Mammalia; Mammals / Zoogdieren

Order: Artiodactyla; Even-toed Ungulates / Evenhoevigen

Suborder: Cetruminantia; Ruminants, Whales and Hippos / Herkauwers, Walvissen en Nijlpaarden

Infraorder: Cetancodonta; Whales, Dolphins, Hippos / Walvissen, Dolfijnen, Nijlpaarden

Family: Hippopotamidae; Hippopotamuses / Nijlpaarden

Genus: Hippopotamus; Hippopotamuses / Nijlpaarden

Species: Hippopotamus amphibius; Hippopotamus / Nijlpaard

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Taken on September 13, 2009