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GCXIV Restricted | by Merc211
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GCXIV Restricted

The Jahrton Grey Company.


The Jahrton Grey Company is a group of rangers based out of Jahrton. The company is comprised of three squadrons. Each squadron is led by a lieutenant and has its own specialty. The ranger company is currently led by Bjorn Strörmbert. The reason for grey in their name is not that try wear grey cloaks but rather it is because they stay neutral in any affairs that they are a part of. Their motto is "Grey is for those willing to be molded". All squads protect the land but also act as judge, jury, and executioner to thieves, murderers, and outlaws. They have become the law outside of the city of Jahrton and the surrounding hamlets. They do assist local hamlets with training new rangers as well as hunting down fugitives. The men recruited are some of the finest families and best abilities, but they do not turn away anyone who wants to join. Their condition is simple, recruits must be willing to be molded and changed. While a simple request, not many people are willing to give up everything to join the Grey Company.


(From Left to Right)


The 1st squadron is nicknamed the "Lone Falcons" tend to form small raiding parties of 3. They are used as scouts for any army they are attached to. If they are not attached to an army they are scouting the area around Jahrton dealing with any outlaw bands they see or hunting down any people who threaten the Lord of Jahrton. Due to the small groups that they work in, they tend to answer directly to the ranger commander.


The 2nd squadron is nicknamed the “Wolf Pack”. They are the largest of the platoons and tend to form groups of six or more in order to accomplish given missions. They are known for their large fur hats which can give off the appearance of a wolf's head. When they are attached to an army they provide scouting and cover fire for the main army. When not attached to an army, they provide protection to important individuals as well as protecting the land around Jahrton. They are currently led by Bjorn along with his sergeant Haakon. The retirement of Magnus from ranger commander has led to Bjorn both leading the 1st squad and leading the ranger company.


The last squadron is the 3rd squadron; they are nicknamed the "Sniping Royals". They are master archers and go out in groups of 5 or less. The Falcons are rangers that utilize long range sniping tactics.

They are strictly an archer attachment to any army they are in. There have been times when members of the 2nd and 3rd squads are grouped together to accomplish missions. Like 2nd squad, they patrol the areas around Jahrton hunting any beasts or outlaws that threaten the land or roads. The 3rd squadron is led by its three sergeants, Eirik, and Sweyn. Due to the death of Lieutenant Grunyar, these three have led the squad for the past four months.


Leadership of the Rangers (front five figs from left to right)


Haakon Norgard son of Rurik Norgard, Sergeant of 2nd Squad

Bjorn Strörmbert Leader of the Jahrton Grey Company

Eirik Strörmbert son of Bjorn Strörmbert, Sergeant of 3rd Squad

Sverre Fjerstad son of Magnus Fjerstad, Sergeant of 3rd Squad

Sweyn Norgard son of Vidar Norgard, Sergeant of 3rd Squad


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