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Sir Daren | by nazara660
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Sir Daren

The nephew of a non-important Lenfeld Lord, Daren was born into a well respected but non-wealthy family. However, Daren was almost like a son to his uncle, the lord of the manor, who sponsored Daren's costs of knighthood, allowing Daren to have proper arms training.



Daren became skilled at longsword combat as well as using sword and shield. He was also a skilled horseman, and was quite handy with a lance. His uncle, who had already provided Daren's good quality weapons, provided Daren a suit of painstakingly maintained family armor that was adjusted to fit Daren like a glove.



Daren's knight training was not altogether normal, as Queen Galainir's forces occupied the land during part of this time and much of his training was done in secret. As a squire, he was thought too young and was stationed with the defensive forces at nearby Durrough, escaping the atrocities of the assault on Maldrake's fortress. By this time, his skills were already such that he was set training local recruits, and ended up leading his men in sorties against local bands of the queens soldiers who still prowled the countryside. Here he proved his worth as a caring leader who took care of his men. When the army returned home, he would often attach himself the veteran commanders, learning better tactics and strategies. Thus, upon his knighting he had experience, knowledge, and skill on the battlefield.



However, with the war over, the need for knights was not as bad as the need for soldiers, and Daren found occupation in drilling men and leading patrols, nothing like what he had hoped for as a knight. He also was not of high enough rank to command his own force. As a noble, that is.



Daren sought out soldiers whom he had led or befriended, and organized a small mercenary force. While nothing in skill or numbers compared to the Emerald Wolves or other famous companies, Daren's group is tight knit and he continues to train them to work to their strengths while he seeks out work of noble value for the greater success of Lenfeld!

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Taken on March 17, 2016