Cycles 214 N°037 - GIOS TORINO SUPER RECORD II - 1978
Restauration & building project of a rare Gios Torino Super Record, second version, from 1978.

This specific model was only produced in 1978.
It is an evolution of the original Super Record, which differ by minor decal varaitions.
The color of the GIOS name aside the SUPER RECORD name that is black instead of white. GIOS TORINO seat and diagonal tubes decals have a white background instead of a transparent one on the previous version.

This frame keep hanged for years in a shop which sell GIOS bikes. It remain never mounted nor ridden since the shop ended the GIOS bike selling. One of the employes took the frame back home and used it as a home trainer bike since that time, mounting just the essential parts to use it.

This bike have never seen any road since today.
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