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What jumps out of this image isn’t quite so much the segregation itself; but that the separate water fountains each group of people are supposed to be using are interconnected. They are conjoined by one pipe which in my opinion defeats the purpose of segregation. This is the punctum. The studium in this photograph is the segregation it is supposed to represent. It jumps out at me but doesn't wound me as the punctum would. Barthes helps me to better grasp what I’m looking at. If I had seen this photograph before I had known who Barthes was I don’t think I would have perceived this photo as I did.

  1. sammarcoelizabeth 91 months ago | reply

    I agree with your studium and punctum and I also agree with your reasons why the pipe that connects both water fountains would be the punctum

  2. Kimberly21 91 months ago | reply

    I was about to use this photograph for my composition project, but i dont think i would have been able to explain it as good as you did.. i totally agree with your point of view, i think is quite impressive how you were able to focus on this connection.. :)

  3. rationalizeme 85 months ago | reply

    Despite the fact that we were segregated at that time, we still were connected, we were not?

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