Leather Handled Tote Bag 'Quirky Workshop' @ Hole House Bags @ Greystoke Cycle Cafe
Pics from another of Hole House's Leather Handled Tote Bag course ...and the ladies came from miles away, amazingly as far as Essex and Dundee . . . to spend another inspiring day with Emma of Hole House making these beautiful Totes, (some of which even matched the garden!) Thanks to you all for travelling so far - we can't wait for Emma's next visit here coming soon ...

There are half day courses in Clasp (frame) purses as well as Ipad / tablet covers (padded with a side pocket) (Tue 5th July) followed by Make a Slouch Bag (Sat 23rd July) and then more Messenger Bags and Tote Bags in the September and November. We're looking forward to them already!

If you re going anywhere near Woolfest tomorrow or Saturday make sure you visit the Hole House stand, and close by will be Jan Beadle's beautiful woven tweeds and scarves - along with the rest of the talented Woolclip ladies in Aisle A - all not to be missed. We do wish we could go too (maybe next year).
Woolfest is finally here . . . have a brilliant few days! x

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