Printing with Cyanotype with Kim Tillyer at Greystoke Cycle Cafe
A wonderful day with talented print artist Kim Tillyer learning about this slightly magical art of printing with sunlight ~ known as 'Cyanotype' printing ~ using resists and interesting treasures of natures such as feathers and leaves. How lucky we were with the weather too - the rain came later after we were all cleared away!
Thank you ladies who came from far far away - Skipton and many from Lancashire - and mostly to Kim for this inspiring day of endless fun and creativity in the sunshine, punctuated with short spells playing with water to wash off the sun sensitive chemicals.
Looking forward to Kim's next day here in August (which may be nearly full) so we are compiling a list for those wishing to attend another course with Kim in September or early October- please contact us if you wish to join us - further details on
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