Fabulous February 2017 - Ike Winter Classic Featuring the AMA Flight Line
Watch your step - We have a Muddy Field!

Several classes of airplanes were flown:
Vintage FAI Gas
NOS Gas for 1/4A, 1/2A & C
AMA Gas for C, D, Super D Combined
NOS Gas A, B, & Early 1/2A
AMA Gas 1/2A & B Combined

These pictures, hopefully, captured the friendship, camaraderie and competition at the AMA Flight Line, Lost Hills Free Flight Flying Field, Lost Hills, CA. For drama and variety, limited artistic license was taken to convert some pictures from color to half tones.

Yes, there was friendly humor, mischief, and calamity during the competition.

But we never discovered who stepped on Mark's Fuel Syringe!
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