Early morning walk
As many of you know, I love to get up early and go walk and Zion was no different. Except for two things...first, the sun didn't come up until 7:45 and I was ready to go at 4:30. And second it was COLD! Even though the afternoon temp the day before had been 80+, at 6:45 when I started walking (in shorts) it was only 42.

But what a walk. There is an amazing trail (PA'RUS TRAIL) that leaves the visitor center and goes directly up the canyon to the bridge at Canyon Junction. We were staying in a Quality Inn (no AirBnBs in Zion) that was close enough that I could walk from the hotel right to this trail. Total round trip was 4.5 miles. And it's all paved but was really fun (see sarcasm here) until it got light.

The photo opportunities were amazing.
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