Cedar Breaks National Monument
We had decided on this trip that we would just play it by ear. I had planned getting down to Zion from SLC via the I-15 and we did that and loved the 80mph speed limit that let us cruise along at about 90. It certainly made for a quick trip.

But going back north from Zion to (eventually) Park City, we decided to take the back/scenic roads. And we also decided that if we saw a sign for something that looked interesting, we would investigate it. That's what led us to Cedar Breaks. Saw a sign pointing to the left of the highway pointing to a National Monument and wanting to get the most value out of our new Senior National Monument/Park pass we said, let's go.

It turned out to be an excellent side trip that took us about 2 hours and was really cool for photos. We were pretty much alone for this drive that went from 6,000 feet up to just over 10,000. Amazing.
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