OY59 HNU Mk6 Golf R manual
1 owner since 2011 (+first and second owners were VW)
130k miles with a full VW service history.
The first service is missing from the book but is on the VW system at 9220 miles (see screen shot). We can supply the full history off the VW system.

This Mk6 Golf R was one of the first in the UK and started life as a VW UK press demonstrator and if you google Mk6 Golf R it comes up being road tested by Autocar. These cars get driven hard but are exceptionally well maintained.

Factory options of:
* RNS 510 touch screen navigation system
*Front and rear parking sensors
*DCC dynamic chassis control adaptive suspension

Our preparation has been extensive (and expensive).
We have :
Replaced one tyre as damaged (all 4 are Pirelli P Zero)
Replaced cambelt and water pump using VW parts
Replaced both rear calipers using TRW parts (same as original)
Replaced a parking sensor
Performed a thorough brake fluid change using Pagid DOT 4.0 fluid
Performed the required service using Mann filters and VW Longlife 3 5w/30 oil
We've also had the front end repainted to show standard at great expense due to inevitable chipping.
New MOT issued, only advisory notice is that there are a couple of stonechips to the windscreen.
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