06-5-6-mate contest.
The MATE contest is sponsored by NOAA. This is a set of photos from the regional level of competiton. From what I saw, the group that travelled the furthest was from central New Jersey. There were a couple of schools from Massachusetts and at least one from Connecticut.

13 teams were present to compete, 22 had originally registered.

Teams had set time limits for entering the pool and setting up, completing the tasks underwater, removing everything from the pool area.

After the pool competition, they were judged on their presentation with the judges. The judges asked the students a whole pile of questions, which the students answered. The sponsor teacher for at least one group chimed in, but was reminded by the judges that it was the students who were being interviewed.

The winners of the regional competion will go on to the national competion in San Diego. The San Diego competion was featured in an article in Wired Magazine in the Spring of 2005.

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