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Furillen. A Fairy Tale in Images and Text, Part 4. | by blipmumfuzz
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Furillen. A Fairy Tale in Images and Text, Part 4.



"I would sit on the bench under that wild windswept tree on top of one of the hills and look across the broad flat plain and beyond the plain to the sea. I would sit on that bench and remember.


The first thing I remembered was my name. Then I remembered what happened at the end when I was killed.


Eventually I remembered everything. From the smallest details of my life--even what it felt like to be born--which no-one remembers when they are alive in a physical body. And I could also see things I never ever saw before...was not even capable of seeing before my body died. Like how the little people of the etheric plane shape and nurture all life. Or the powerful beings who move the continents and push up the mountains. I can see those things now...and so much more.


I still don't remember very much about the time between when I died and when I woke up here with Blip. OMG Blip!!! I wish I could thank her!!!


I don't have access to the UI so I can't send her an IM or give her a notecard. I know! I'll write a message in the snow. She won't understand it...she probably won't even see it. But I've learned that all actions, especially those performed with intent, make an impression and send ripples through all the many planes of existence...and we all feel those ripples even if we aren't able to acknowledge them consciously.


* * * *

What does Furillen mean to me? I will never forget the time I spent here in Second Life on Furillen. Its austere beauty. The sense of space and openness. Of place. After 700 hundred years of looking I finally found what I was looking for. That's what it means.


OK...gotta go. A friend is going to help me get to the next place I have to go. I came in through a window. Hopefully I get to leave through a door!


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Uploaded on March 1, 2016