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Furillen. A Fairy Tale in Images and Text, Part 5. | by blipmumfuzz
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Furillen. A Fairy Tale in Images and Text, Part 5.



Excerpt from a workshop presentation delivered by Eir at the 2016 Real World Studies Conference held at the University of Asgard.


[Applause} Thank you very much. Thank you. I'll take questions now.




Q: When did you first become aware that Lilly's soul had incarnated at Virtual Furillen?


After her physical death in 1361 she remained in the vicinity of Real World Furillen, but over time she drifted further and further away. Then in 1972, her remains were discovered at a construction dig on the island. When that happened she...her soul...was drawn back to Furillen. And as I discussed earlier, she was later drawn into Virtual Furillen and incarnated into Mumfuzz's avatar.


Fast forward to October 2015. A report landed in my inbox about a lost soul. Normally this would have gone to Njorun, but she was out. I read it and decided to look into the matter...I am the Goddess of Healing after all!


When I arrived I immediately sensed that something unusual was happening--an avatar had continued its existence after its human being had "logged out". There is no known instance where a Second Life avatar remained in-world after the Real World person had logged out...and it is, in reality, technically impossible, at least on that plane of existence. Nevertheless this is exactly what I sensed.


Specifically, the human entity behind Mumfuzz was gone, but the soul of Lilly remained embodied in Mumfuzz's avatar. Lilly/Mumfuzz would wander the sim for hours...days, until Blip re-logged and Lilly would fade into the background.


Another question? Yes...Skadi.


Q: Would you describe how you separated Lilly from Mumfuzz?


That turned out to be surprisingly easy and was all about timing. In Second Life, when the animating entity withdraws to the Real World, there is a moment when the avatar is still present in-world but is no longer occupied by that consciousness. In that moment, before the viewer program closed completely, I simply reached in, grabbed Lilly under her arms, and pulled her out.


* * * * *

Let me conclude by saying that there is layer upon layer of meaning at work here. Meaning related to place, actions taken, actions not taken, meaning in the various know the list. We're all immortal Gods and Goddesses...meaning is the currency of our spiritual economy. Anyway...I'm being told we've run out of time. Thank you!




Oh...can you all please fill out the workshop evaluation form? They are on the table by the door. Thanks.

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